Therapeutic Vinyasa

Therapeutic Vinyasa is a method of healing and wellness that was born out of a synthesis of the information and knowledge imparted to me by the teachers and authorities, from wisdom of both the East and West. It is a confluence of the millenia old practices and philosophy of the Yoga traditions, and the empirical discoveries of science brought to the fore in the recent century/decades. 

Yoga, like so many other things in our world, has evolved as a definition and a heuristic. The origins of Yoga were developed to assist human beings in unveiling how quality of life may be maximized. Although it has theistic and religious roots as well, Yoga is fundamentally a way of living and engaging with virtually every facet of life, that offers the sustainable satisfaction that is everywhere promised, but rarely provided. The evolution of Yoga has constructed a practice that has become more embedded in the totality of an individual’s daily life, instead of only transcending or relinquishing it. In our modern age, Yoga has been reinforced by the best that modern science has to offer. The science of biomechanics, neurology, psychology, and nutrition have fortified this timeless practice into a state that has never existed before. 

The invention of the concept known as “Yoga Therapy” is one that is less than a century old, and was only coined in order to help students discern/differentiate it from that which is offered in the setting of the common Yoga class. Yoga Therapy is simply the application of any technique from the vast repository of Yoga, to the specific Health needs of an/any individual. 

Health is a word that is invoked more frequently than it is defined. The immemorial lineage of Yogis have molded a definition of health that goes beyond the mere abatement of physical and psychological pain and distress. It is a state that includes human flourishing in every conceivable domain of life, from the personal to the professional, through the growing relationship to the potential seeded in one’s own experience. 

The name Therapeutic Vinyasa is a convergence of the essence of this revised approach to Yoga. The therapeutic element of looking into a specific region of the body, to zero in on an area of concern, and uncover the way in which it pertains to the rest of the individual, is a fundamental characteristic that cannot be overlooked in the project of Health and Wellness. The organizing principle suggested by the Sanskrit term “Vinyasa”, which denotes a logical and progressive sequence of actions, is the compliment to the therapeutic focus, which ensures a successful outcome. The power of this approach resides not just in the pedagogical instruction of the teacher, but in the clarity of awareness the student/client builds with their aid. It is an undying curiosity and intrigue about how one can broaden the horizons of their beliefs and experience, available to anyone. In our modern world, health cannot exist in the absence of awareness to it. This method is therefore one that builds/cultivates a vantage point that is the essential guarantor of all the derived benefits. The most valuable tool we have is our awareness. How you use it determines the life you live! 

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