Abdominal Anabolism

Daily Habits are the corner stone of our success in Yoga, as well as the maintenance of our Health.
The Lower-Crossed syndrome is as comprehensive, as a general description of the average sedentary modern individual can get. One of its most common attributes is the prevalence of weakness in the abdominal muscles. These muscle have been implicated in Low Back pain, and are a very important intermediary between the relationship of the lower body to the upper body.

Every single person that has come through my treatment room has had some level of abdominal muscle weakness or dysfunction.
In assigning students and clients their personal practice/exercise plan, I make sure to start them off with movements or postures that are as safe as possible so that while they attend to something specific, they do not risk compromising anything else.
The supine leg lifts (above pics) are one of the most simple ways that you can start your day with, without a gigantic time commitment, and still have a...

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