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feet stability therabands Sep 09, 2019

One of the absolute integral parts of the human body that has carried us all through the years, and which has gained much less recognition that they’ve deserved, are the feet.
There is much talk about “foundation” in the world of Yoga and exercise, yet the feet are not often found themselves to be the main protagonist of this narrative. This is of direct consequence to anyone who finds themselves inhabiting a body .
The truth is, as one of the most influential podiatrists (Dr William Rossi) in our history never tired of expressing, that the feet inform the mechanics of the rest of the body. He pioneered the long awaited revelation that the main culprit that his literally devastated our feet are shoes. “There is substantial and incontestable evidence that no commercial footwear fits properly...”


  • the muscles that act on the movement of the ankle originate on the lower leg
  • each foot has just as many bones as the entire human spine (26 taking into...
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