Pervasive Wisdom

Uncategorized Jan 01, 2021

Life is the kind of experience that doesnt withhold it’s rays of joy, nor its assaults upon it, from anyone. From microbes to humans, and everything in between, the fluctuating circumstances of this living universe have always challenged every living organism’s will to survive. Irrespective of the fortune with which someone is blessed in their life, the truth of trials and tribulations have never let anyone escape unscathed. 

The global reality of 2020 has brought some very fundamental difficulties to our doorstep. Our lives have been impacted by the reminder that life and wellbeing are perhaps more labile than we have assumed. Maybe we have emotionally distanced ourselves from the proximate reality, that pain, disappointment, sorrow, disease, and death are not only likely, but guaranteed. We have been fortunate to be surrounded by the edifice of our predecessors, and have incurred the benefits of medicine and technology that other humans have produced. This year, symbolically interpretable as the year of “clear vision” (20/20 vision), in one way or another, reminded us of what’s real. The importance of good health, a good economy, and the company of others, has been brought right up to our faces, by the very threats that have now been presented to them. 

Doesn’t gratitude often accompany the realization of how impermanent and tenuous our fortunes really are? Good experiences, good states/conditions, and people inevitably pass. But this makes their existence all the more sweet. It is the knowledge that these experiences pass, that makes their presence all the more precious. 

The aggregate of Yoga’s wisdom, is that much of wisdom is contained in discovering what to value. Sometimes these lessons come the hard way, but we are better for having learned them.

May we enter this New Year with knowledge in hand.
May we not forget what is important and worth working for.
May we all Live better and Be better

Happy New Year!





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